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Priscilla Villalaz

Master Sugaring & Waxing Specialist / Sugaring Instructor

Priscilla, originally hailing from Peru, has called the US her home for over two decades, enriching her experience and knowledge along the way. Transitioning from Wisconsin to the sun-drenched shores of Florida, her goal extended beyond simply training estheticians; she aimed to build a clientele as vast as her flourishing reputation in Milwaukee. With a remarkable 13-year tenure in sugaring hair removal, Priscilla has evolved into a true master of this distinctive technique. Sugaring stands as the paramount method for safe and effective hair removal, an art Priscilla has impeccably mastered. This exceptional approach involves the application of sugar paste against the grain of hair growth and its removal following the natural direction of hair growth. This meticulous process not only delivers unparalleled results but also banishes hair breakage, discomfort, and pesky ingrown hairs, all while gently exfoliating dry skin cells. With a foundation rooted in proven techniques and theory, Priscilla's expertise shines as she consistently works toward achieving permanent hair reduction.

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