Welcome Welcome to South Tampa's most Luxurious Day Spa! Luxe Day Spa SoHo Luxe is a full-service Day Spa featuring hands-on treatments for Aesthetics, Eyelash Extensions, Permanent Makeup and more! ABOUT US Intimate Bleaching Intimate Bleaching Lighten the color of the skin around the area you desire. Lash Lift Lash Lift MAKE APPOINTMENT Say goodbye to mascara and curlers. Only $80 - Lasts 2 months! Lash Lift Before - After Microblading LEARN MORE Microblading Before and After Microblading Achieve Perfect Eyebrows without Ever Having to Use an Eyebrow Pencil Again! Eyelashes LEARN MORE Before and after eyelash extensions High quality eyelash extensions provide long-lasting volume. Eyelashes Worth Batting. Bikini Sugaring waxing is the newest hair removal technique! Remove even the shortest hairs that waxing can't extract. LEARN MORE Is your Bikini Area Beach Ready? Brow Mapping LEARN MORE Properly proportioned eyebrows frame your face helping to bring balance and symmetry to all your features. Have your brows been mapped? Brow Mapping Before and After
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